May 25, 2017

Have You Heard About Dreamworld Indoor Play Centre?

Salam & Hello lovelies! 

This is such a great news actually, because finally, Dreamworld Indoor Play Centre are ready for us in just a few days time! 

For your information, Dreamworld Indoor Play Centre is an adult-accompanied indoor play space for toddlers and children up to the age of 12 in order for them to learn from play, exploration, seeing and thinking in such a fun, healthy, and safe environment kind of way. 



That is just perfect, as I am a parent and a mommy, because you see, when we are combining education and entertainment for our children, it certainly has a profound effect in the development of the child's motor, social and interaction skills as well. I've seen how that works with my first child, and still continuously using and supporting  that kind of method until now and also to my second child. 😁


This exciting Playland is 6000sqf and it could accommodate up to total number of 120 kids inside the playland and party room! 
Ahaa yes you heard me said party πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ 


So, yes, you can book this place for your beloved little ones with either Penguin Package or Snowman Package from their Party Package's option. I'm sure that your beloved sugarbug can have so much fun in a unique and beneficial kind of way for his/her birthday with either any of these Party Package! This Party Packages includes unlimited play, kid's meal, invitation cards, and 2 hours function room and on top of that, the special appearance of Wallie J, the Eskimo, which is the Dreamworld Indoor Play Centre's friendly mascot as you can see in the picture above! 

The rates for the Party Packages are as follows:-

IOI City Mall Putrajaya
RM 65 for weekdays (Penguin Package)
RM 75 for weekend (Snowman Package)


The Starling Mall Damansara
RM 68 for weekdays (Penguin Package)
RM 78 for weekend (Snowman Package) 


Weehooo everything sounds awesome right? sit tight, as there are more great news for you guys! 😁 On this 25th May 2017, they'll be having their soft opening at The Starling Mall Damansara, while on 27th May 2017 are the soft opening for Dreamworld at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. What's great is that, for these 3 days of their soft opening, they'll be having a Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion!! So yesss don't forget to bring your children, whole family and friends altogether on those dates and share the whole lots of fun at Dreamworld Indoor Play Centre! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ’–


More details of this Playland are as follows:-

✨IOI City Mall
Address: L2-16, Level 2, IOI City Mall,
                  Lebuh IRC, iOi Resort City, 
                  62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Contact: 012-7029509 (Hazwan)
Admission Charges:  RM 45 (Weekdays)
          RM55 (Weekend)
Super Saver (3 Entries): RM108
6 Months Membership: RM288

✨The Starling Mall
Address: S-202, The Starling Mall,                    No.6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 012-7219509 (Yoong Fui)
Admission Charges:  RM 48 (Weekdays) , RM58 (Weekend)
Super Saver (3 Entries): RM108
6 Months Membership: RM288

As you guys can see, this picture below contain the information of the membership. Oh dear how amazing are those privileges that you can get when you sign up for the membership right! 😍


So, sounds great right?! Of course they are! Let's go and experience it yourselves! 😍

Thank you for reading lovelies 😁 I hope this post is as beneficial and as fun as it is, hehe. Have a great week ahead ❤

May 19, 2017

Anda semua perlu tahu ni!

Salam & Hai lovelies!

Post kali ni Qeela nak share dengan semua about 2 product supplement kesihatan, kecantikan dan juga penyusuan. Haa complete set for a mom, mommy to be or even belum jadi mommy pon boleh tau satu product tu. So generally, it's great for us women. Buat abang2, suami2, mohon baca jugak sebab ada input jugak for you guys 😁


Korang pernah dengar tak product Harum Malam & Moeder keluaran syarikat Millennial Gen Sdn Bhd? Confirm pernah kan, mana tak nya sampai dah keluar kat tv semua hehe. Ahaa, so dua tu lah product yang Qeela nak share reviewnya dengan you guys. Excited tak? Haruslah excited nak tau kan macam mana product popular ni pergi right hehe..

Gambar di atas adalah ketika Harum Malam & Moeder been featured in TV Al-Hijrah 😁

For those yang tak tahu tu, syarikat Milennial Gen Sdn Bhd ni ditubuhkan pada tahun 2015, 100% milik bumiputera dan mempunyai pengalaman yang luas dalam dunia Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM). So memang tak ragu2 untuk cuba product keluaran mereka kan 😊 
Now, first review Qeela ialah product Harum Malam :-

Harum Malam ni ialah supplement khas untuk wanita masa kini tau. Teenagers ke, dah kahwin ke, boleh je nak consume. Ia berperanan untuk membersihkan, merapatkan dan mengembalikan keanjalan aset wanita. Bukan tu je tau, ia juga boleh membantu merawat masalah keputihan, menghilangkan bau badan, menguatkan rahim, memberi tenaga, membuang toksin, mengawal berat badan dan macam2 lagi! Pendek kata memang terbaik punya complete lah dia bagi dalam sebotol ni tau 😁 


Ingredients yang digunakan pon memang bagus2 & penuh khasiat, antaranya madu, kayu serapat, sireh, kismis, buah delima, manjakani, buah tin, senna, dan lain2. Rasanya pon sedap tau, especially bila telan sejuk2 tu fuhh seronok jee rasa hehe. Dengan harga hanya RM 33 sebotol ni, totally worth it dan senang untuk consume sebab just ambil 2 sudu besar before breakfast, then we're good to go. 


Qeela dulu selalu rasa lesu & sakit2 badan, kadang2 tu lemau je rasa especially bila penat & tambah pulak if tak cukup tidur kan or sometimes even in the morning. Tapi bila amalkan Harum Malam ni, badan rasa lebih ringan, cergas dan makin jarang rasa sakit2 badan tu, alhamdulillah! but yang paling best, takde effect pape pon kat baby, since yelah breastfeed ni, kalau dulu takot jugak nak amal jamu ke pape sbb nnt baby berak keras ke panas sangat ke ape kan, but with Harum Malam ni, totally okay lah, memang happy rasa sebab baby pon okay kan 😁
Haa ni Qeela share testimony orang2 lain yang consume Harum Malam ni jugak yea untuk korang tengok sendiri hasilnya :-


Haa nice kann?! Okay now, Qeela nak share review about Moeder pulak. FYI, Moeder ni ialah susu yang dirumus khas untuk ibu hamil dan yang menyusukan baby. Qeela happy untuk minum sebab ramuannya dari bahan2 natural yang penuh khasiat seperti susu kambing, habatussauda, madu, bird nest, kurma, gam arab, seaweed, aloe vera, vanilla, dan lain2 lagi. Hmm baru baca pon dah rasa sedap kan? hehehee. Memang sedap tau rasa dia, Qeela ni daripada tak berapa heran nak minum susu, since consume susu Moeder ni, hari2 rasa nak minum susu 😁


Kebaikannya pulak bukan untuk si ibu je tau, malah untuk baby jugk bagi yg mengandung. Ianya mengurangkan risiko demam kuning, membantu kecergasan otak & kuatkan sistem paru2 baby, dan boleh memutihkan kulit baby jugak. Untuk si ibu pulak, ia boleh menguatkan kandungan, beri lebih tenaga, mencegah sakit pinggang & tulang belakang, mencantikkan kulit dan meningkatkan daya tubuh. Bagi ibu yang menyusukan pula, ia boleh memekatkan & menambahkan produksi susu, membantu menghilangkan selulit / kesan kehamilan, mencerahkan & melembabkan kulit, mencegah kegemukan selain memberi tenaga & merawat luka dalaman bersalin. Serba serbi bagus lah Moeder ni mommies sekalian, serious! 

Qeela takde masalah kurang susu or anything, but memang boleh rasa susu makin bertambah tauu selain rasa makin bertenaga. Qeela jugak rasa cepat kenyang je dah sekarang dan kekenyangan tu mampu bertahan lama tau, kalau tak before ni sikit2 lapar je, hehe. 


Moeder ni senang je nak consume, just minum satu sachet siang dan satu sachet malam, bancuh dengan air suam. Since start consume Moeder ni, memang rasa tak nak stop consume tau hehe. Harga untuk Moeder ni pula RM159 sebekas. Memang worth it jangan risau πŸ‘πŸΏ Tak percaya lagi, boleh tengok sendiri testimony2 ni yea Qeela dah compilekan a few untuk uolls :-


So, kalau diberi peluang untuk jadi ambassador ke apa for these two products, memang Qeela tak fikir itu ini lagi dah, I'll definitely accept it sebab I know how great and beneficial these two are and indeed I am totally looking forward to have a continuous supply of these two. 😁 
You guys yang berminat nak tahu lebih lanjut, or rasa nak consume jugak, berminat nak beli or those abg2, suami2 yg setia membaca info ni dari tadi if rasa nak beli untuk ratu hati masing2, boleh tengok details ni yea :-

Millennial Gen Sdn Bhd
No. 11-G, Jalan Keluli AL7/AL,
Pusat Perniagaan Bukit Raja, Sek 7,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
FB : Kelab Ibu Cantik - Millennial Gen , 
Khasiat Bonda - Millennial Gen
IG : @harum_malam_hq , 

Hopefully apa yang Qeela share ni memberi manfaat pada korang semua. Qeela sendiri dah cuba, dan memang baik hasilnya, so Qeela pon happy rasa nak share dengan uolls kan hehe. Thanks a lot sebab singgah baca yea. 
Have a great week ahead lovelies! ❤

May 18, 2017

The Must Have Pocket Saving Home Decor!

Salam & Hello lovelies! 

Today is your lucky day, as I will reveal some of the amazing, must have money saving home decor items that I could find on this awesome and user friendly apps, Carousell. 
If you must know, Carousell is a safe and simple to use apps that offers a lot of categories that you can choose to either buy things or even selling your own items! 


If you're into home decor like me, or anything really, you would going nuts of choosing, because they have a wide variety of great items per categories and what's important is that, they come in cheaper prices! In addition, what I like most about Carousell is that it helps me upon keep on supporting my fellow communities as we are buying from each other, thus growing and helping each other together which make me feels warm and just great. 

Okay back to home decor, hehe, as you all know the fasting month is nearer and then, we're going to celebrate the Eid altogether. Of course, home decor is on top of our Raya List right, especially for those housewives, mommies, etc. It's important, as we will have many guests coming to our home soon, so normally, we do want our home looks great and comfortable for them too. So, here I am, excitedly want to share with you guys those cool items that I found on Carousell earlier, hoping that it will brings out some great ideas into your home decor list too 😊

1) Stylish Cushion Pillow and/or Cushion Cover 

Which kind of Cushion Choosers are you? Hehe. On Carousell, you can find both items with only RM12-RM30 price range! So cheap because usually you'll find the price range will be RM30 and above at other places. Love all the designs too be it the Cushion Pillow or those Cushion Cover, and with the price like that, it's totally a grab to easily beautify your living room with these stylish cushion's decor. 


2) Vertical Blind

These items are great for those who couldn't live without blinds or hate curtains. It's not like the other ordinary, plain-boring blinds, because you can choose variety of designs with price as low as RM10 on Carousell! Look at this pic below, such a sweet blind right. Now it's no more eyes hurting but eyes couldn't be take off of your new blind! 😁


3) Tulle

Don't worry, if you're not into blinds, there are other famous home decor option, which are curtains and tulle. Lots of beautiful curtains and tulle to be choose from, and here's just my idea of my own home decor - plain curtains or no curtains at all yet with bold, simple tulle. Just lovely! 

 4) Three Layer Wooden Wall Rack

One of my favourite - not only that it can save space, but it can make your space looks stylish too. Simple home decor but totally lovely and beneficial. You can stack some of your favourite books or magazines, with couple of photo frame of you and your family, or maybe other stylish small home decor like mini vase, cute teddy, tin home decoration etc. Price? RM39.90 only! Where else can you get this item with a cheaper price like this right! ❤


5) Candle Stand

Sometimes when I have my guests around, I'd love to light up some sweet scented candles or with bits of essential oils, as it will helps to keep our calm and positivity, hence always feeling happy. So this is my must have item on my list, the candle stand. Great for raya, as our guest couldn't help to feel warm & soothing while eating and chit chatting with us! I love unique or cute yet simple design, with of course, cheaper price that I can get from Carousell 😊


6) Decorative Snack Plate

When I'm thinking about Eid/Raya, what's on the table is kind of my focus too. So my idea of home decor for that section would be, an amazing design of snack plate. Yes it could be multipurpose actually as it's not only for putting snack/food, as you can put jades, or potpouries etc. As for me, it will be ideal to put any tidbits for my guest, like nuts, candy, or even to serves them my homemade brownies or anything. Let's make them full, at the same time, you're still rocking your home decor πŸ˜‰


7) Unique Wallpaper

Of course, this is one of the famous home decor. At Carousell, you can have such unique and beautiful wallpaper from only RM3.80! Dear sweet flower where else can you get that kind of price right! 😁 Of course, variety of beautiful wallpaper that you can choose of, for example, this pic below :


8) Kufi Art Wooden Wall Decor

My another favourite of home decor. As a muslim, this decor could bring such a great & constant reminder too from time to time, to our Creator and Islam itself. As usual, I find it cheaper at Carousell, as when I look out at many other places too. With as low as RM70, instead of RM100 and above at others, you can get to choose variety of these beautiful art 😊


So, what do you think of those, guys? Interesting aren't they? 😁 
There are lots more that I would like to show you and share with you about home decor on Carousell, but I think it will be great if you guys can go and check them out yourselves, as I know it will be such addiction and you will be pleased and grateful that I share it with you guys hehe. Yes please, feel free to share this blog post with all of your friends and family, especially to those whom you think or you know that they will find this article very useful and totally into home decor, or even those whom newbies on this category or maybe those whom needed a spark of ideas for their Raya home decor. 😊
As far as you're helping others by spreading this article, you're also already on one step of helping our community as well because indeed, helping others to buy and sell with each other is also such a great help πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š

Well, to get started with home decor on Carousell, kindly just click on this HOME DECOR and it shall directly get you on board to the site of Carousell, already on the Home Decor category 😊 Yeah I like to make it easy for all of you lovelies, because I do like some thing easy and simple to use just like Carousell too ❤

Thank you for reading and hopefully this post are beneficial to you all. Don't forget to share this post and check out home decor on Carousell yea lovelies! Have a great week ahead! ❤

May 8, 2017

My Mother's Day Story and Your Chance to Win Calvin Klein Watch

Salam and Hello lovelies!

First of all, I wanted to share with you guys a picture and my open wishes to my dearest mommy for this Mother's Day 😊
I guess you would understand why I chose that pic after reading my wish ❤


Here is our almost complete pic of us sibling with our dearest one and only mommy at Ripley's, reminiscing our #childhood together since Ripley's Believe It Or Not is one of our all time favourite show  So, despite the bonding moment, it really bring back wonderful memories upon us be it from the past or even at the moment, to cherish 😊 And ma, this is for you :

Ma, you're the strongest, beautiful woman on earth that I know, with such a great genes hahahah. Thank you for all your love, help, hard work, patience, and everything, that I think we couldn't ever match to pay them back with anything, ever, cause it's too enormous and special. You raise us sibling yourself, thank god there were atok and wan helping out too but mostly, you're literally on your own and I amazed that, the strength, the willingness to go on, that you got in you. By that, you made us realized, life is tough but we can be tougher and smack them down back hence keep on standing and walking, or even running πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much, ma, for everything. We love you to the moon and back and around the galaxyyyy! May all the best thing and prayers, stay with you eternally πŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Anyway guys, good news for my followers / readers here πŸ˜‰ You can stand a chance to win a Calvin Klein Watch this Mother's Day 2017, Check this for details:
#CalvinKleinFans #CalvinKleinMothersDay2017

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day lovelies! 

#makeupinfobytcr : Tips Memilih Foundation

Salam & Hi semua πŸ™‹πŸ»

Qeela nak tanya, siapa pernah beli foundation tapi kecewa bila pakai, tone wajah lari dari tone yang asal??

Haa today punya #makeupinfobytcr Qeela nak share kat uolls semua tips MEMILIH FOUNDATION yang betul.
Indeed, bile nak pilih foundation ni boleh buat uolls berpusing 360° right...kang salah pilih, mau kelabu muka kan  hehe..especially first time nak beli tu..sometimes tengok code macam cerah sgt, sometimes tengok macam gelap laa pulak. Haa akhirnya just pilih & berserah pada takdir kihkih πŸ˜†

Actually memang banyak sangat tips untuk memilih foundation yang sesuai dengan kulit muka, tapi harini Qeela share 1 tips ni dulu yea..senang kacang goreng jee bak kata uolls kan. 

πŸ‘‰πŸΏPernah dengar WARNA DASAR KULIT a.k.a undertone??
uolls tau tak, dengan mengetahui warna undertone, uolls boleh pilih warna foundation yang tepat 😎
πŸ‘‰πŸΏada 3 jenis warna lapisan bawah kulit...warm (kuning), cool (pink), & neutral (coklat)
πŸ‘‰πŸΏok now tengok kat pergelangan tangan masing2....korang nampak apa? urat kann??tengok warna urat tu...
✨kalau warna kebiruan/ungu maknanya korang dalam group undertone cool (cerah)
✨kalau warna hijau pula group warm (sawo matang,kuning langsat)
✨TETAPI kalau memiliki keduanya bermakna kamu dalam group neutral (coklat)



To be safe, jom try trial packing punya 100% ORIGINAL #Nars & #UrbanDecay from Qeela 😁 Harga mampu milik tak sampai RM30 pon tau satu! boleh pakai berpuluh kali depends cara pemakaian uolls. Makeup yg lain2 pon ada, semua original repack. Jom usha #makeupbytcr :

FB :
Qeela Salsabilla

IG : @thecubbyrehab

or whatsapp Qeela terus πŸ“² 0162531170 or just click πŸ’–πŸ˜


Have a great week ahead guys! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more #makeupinfobytcr! 😘