Red Velvet Lava Cheese Cake Recipe - No Oven Needed!

Salam and hello lovelies!

Okay who remember my instagram post 
about the Red Velvet Lava Cake before? 

Hehee since it was super tempting 
yet unfortunately most of you guys couldn't 
grab one for yourselves to try and taste 
the delishness yourselves, 
hence, here it is, the RECIPE so that you guys 
could finally try and bake it on your own! 
Fret not, it's easy peasy 😁 

Let’s go through it step by step yea :-

1 cup of fresh milk / evaporated milk 
(temperature room)
1 tbs of cooking vinegar
1 tbs of red colouring (if you go for organic 
you can try those from beetroot)
- Mixed all of this ingredients in the mixer, 
let it sit for about 10 minutes 
without whisking or anything yea.

2 1/2 cup of flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 tbs of cocoa powder
- sieve altogether

250g butter (temperature room)
1 1/4 cup of fine granulated sugar 

- Mixed these two ingredients, whisk for 10 minutes
until it changes in texture (expanding) and colour to white

- Add 3 eggs (one by one at a time), 
mix it for about 5 minutes 

- Then, add (B) and (C) alternately, 
mix for about 3 minutes before turn off the mixer.

- Mixed 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda 
and 1 tbs of cooking vinegar (if you tend to bake it 
in the oven then you don’t have to add any)
Let it bubbly then pour it into the batter, 
stir until it’s well blended

- Now, prepare the baking tray/container 
with baking paper at the bottom of it
(use the round container with the hole in the 
middle - or ring shape kinda container) 

- Meanwhile, prepare your steamer, 
and then steam the cake batter when it’s 
fully hot / ready to steam.

Note that :

For a 6x6 container : 
30 minutes with high flame

For a 350/bigger container : 
15 - 20 minutes with high flame

- After the cake is cook, take it out and 
put it in upside down directly and 
let it cool, then cut it to 2 parts 
(upper & bottom parts)
because you need to spread in the cream cheese 
in the middle of the cake later.

Now, preparing the holy mother of megazone 
of the cake! - THE CREAM CHEESE πŸ˜ƒ

The Cream Cheese Lava & Spread
250g cream cheese
1/2 cup of condensed milk
1/2 cup of dairy whipping cream

- mixed all ingredients until it texture become 
expands and thick

- separate it to 2 parts :

1 part is for the center lava part 
(inside the hole of the cake),

And for another part 
(the spread and on top of whole cake) :
Add 1/4 cup of evaporated milk 
or fresh milk and mix in a bit 
then you’re ready to go

Okay here’s how prepare for the finishing : 

- Take 1 part of the cake that you’ve cut 
separately earlier, spread the cream cheese 
on top of it all around.

- Then, put another cake part on top, after that, 
spread the cream cheese all around and 
don’t forget to fill in the hole with the lava 
cream cheese part. 
Be generous with the cream cheese yea hehe.

- Last but not least, sprinkle the grated cheddar 
cheese on top of the whole cake, 
yes please be generous as well with this. 
You can also add another topping that suits 
your taste - like fruits, chocolate bits or so. 

Nowwww waaallaahhh, 
your Red Velvet Lava Cheese Cake 
is now ready to boom in your mouth! 
YASSSSS send some to me! hahaha

Thank you for stopping by and have a great one yea!

Glamora Fresh Glow Cleanser & Luminate Face Serum Review

Salam and Hello lovelies!

So for the past week, I’ve been trying this 
two item from Glamora Skin Care, which is
their Fresh Glow : Pure Orange Deep Clear 
and Glow Facial Cleanser, and another one is 
their Luminate Fairness Facial Serum. 

FYI, Glamora Skin Care is a safe, high end 
skincare range that contains no mercury, 
no hydroquinone, no paraben 
and is approved by KKM 
(Ministry of Health Malaysia) as well. 

It is formulated by Doctors and Professors 
using latest and most efficient Korean 
micronisation technology which highly 
effective with it’s 99.9% absorption into the skin. 
As you can see below is Dr. Muhammad, 
the CEO and Founder of Glamora Skin Care 
while receiving his Top Entrepreneur Award 
for the MAL-INDO Sea Asian. 

Actually, there are 5 items in it’s skincare range 
which will make a complete set of our 
skincare routine’s need. 
Those are consist of the Facial Cleanser 
and Face Serum as I mentioned earlier, 
including these three other items :
Luminate Day and Night Brightening and 
Perfecting Ice Cream, Freshglow Pure Orange 
Scrub + Mask, and last but not least, 
the Rose Secret Hydrating Toner. 
All sounds great eh? Hehe but sorry lovelies, 
I can only get my hands on those facial 
cleanser and face serum only, 
hence let’s see how it goes yeah?


This facial cleanser is a revolutionary 
liquid to foam daily cleanser that contains 
100% Pure Orange, 
which provides a unique double action, 
antibacterial deep cleansing while 
improves your skin complexion. 

Not to mention that it’s gently and effectively 
dissolves makeup impurities and dirt, 
thus leaving skin renewed and purified 
without any pore clogging or residues, 
and nourished your skin with a flawless, 
acne free and radiant complexion as well. 
It’s suitable to be use for both 
Men and Women of all skin types. 

I honestly love this facial cleanser, 
as it is really cleanse my skin gently 
yet leaves me feels clean all day. 
I can see that after a week, my skin seems 
to improve better in radiance and glow. 

I must say that it kind of a little bit need 
more time than usual to rinse it off of my face,
but that is such a no biggie, since the after feels 
is good, plus I love the sweet orange’s smells!
It doesn’t irritate or make my skin breakout 
or anything, so yeah that’s great right 😁

As you can see, I’ve attached the pics that 
I took of this Freshglow Facial Cleanser, 
including it’s full ingredients and all. 
Such an elegant packaging as well right!

The price for this cleanser is RM45, 
which I think is quite affordable and yes, 
kind of worth it for a good cleanser. 
Repurchase? I think I might hehe 
it’s just that I’m actually more into 
all organic skincare, but I think 
I’ll consider this too now hehe. 


This triple action face serum is strives 
to brighten and rejuvenate your skin, 
lighten scars and blemishes as well as 
correcting the skin’s tone. 

It is also smoothen the skin while making 
it flawless and glowing with it’s specifically 
formulated and clinically proven to import 
a radiant and fairer complex ion 
thereby improving your skin’s health 
and appearance.

This face serum take care of your skin 
by nurturing it, improves texture and 
eradicating common skin problems like 
remove acnes, blackheads, and whiteheads. 
This Luminate Fairness Face Serum is suitable 
for Men and Women of all age as well. 

The moment I use this face serum, 
I can see that it’s somehow kind of 
give me the enhance in an instant, 
like the glow and I don’t know, I just loves it. 

It’s not like an instant flawless or whatever, 
that would be scary then yeah haha
but I felt my skin nurtured and 
beautiful day by day, besides the natural 
glow that it gives me while putting it on. 

I love that this face serum consist 
of Glutathione, Cucumber fruit extract, 
Green Tea Leaf extract, 
and Chamomilla flower extract as well, 
which, how lovely are they 
for your skin right hehe. 

No irritation or anything at all while 
using this serum, so yes that’s 
great news to me. It’s also a fragrance free, 
which, I do like that too. 

this is my skin now, that naked yet glow a bit after applying the serum and indeed I don’t mind that it takes times to improve, as a great skin care shouldn’t have such instant results, right? If it’s too instant, I should be worry of it’s ingredients then haha. 

It’s kind of a bit sticky yet cooling, 
I think, while applying it, but just a bit, 
no mess and no problem. 

As for the after use, it doesn’t leaves you 
with sticky or oily or anything-ish 
on your skin, which is good too. 
I can see that it does improves my skin 
and I would like to see more, 
by continuing the use of this serum 
with the facial cleanser as well. 
I know it must takes time to see 
such results, hence, I am now keep on 
using these two on my daily routine. 

The price for this face serum is RM140, 
a bit pricey I think for average people 
but it’s good, I do like it! 
I’m considering though, wether to change 
my serum / face essence to this Glamora 
face serum instead. 
Been sticking with SKII FTE all this while 
before trying this face serum actually. 
So yeah I am considering hehe. 


So overall, I do honestly like these 
both Cleanser and Serum, 
as I do think it’s such a great set 
for starters, and I think it might 
helps getting such improves skin. 

Like I said earlier, I’m now still continue 
to use these two, giving it time / chance 
to impress me maybe hehe. 
To be honest, I’d love to try their 
Rose Secret Hydrating Toner now with 
these two as well, but yeah we’ll see. 

Perhaps let’s together take a look 
at each of their products and all first? 
Feel free to visit here for more details yea guys :- 

Website :

NO.13A, JALAN PJU 5/1, 

Facebook : 

Instagram : 

Well, that’s all that I can say for now, 
after around a week, or precisely less 
than 10 days using these two. 
It doesn’t disappoint me or anything, 
so yeah just let’s see right. 

As for you guys, I hope this entry could 
somehow be beneficial in any way, 
yeah who knows maybe you’re thinking 
of trying as well, or maybe you’re a user 
of Glamora too, which I’d love to read 
your reviews too if you don’t mind leaving 
it on the comment section below yea. 
Otherwise, thanks a lot for stopping by 
and have a great week ahead lovelies! ❤️

IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 : Run For A Good Cause

Salam and Hello lovelies!

As a fellow Serembanian myself, 
we all know that the IJM Land Run 
has been around since 2012, 
as this sporting event had received such 
tremendous response in solid interests 
amongst Malaysians thus becoming 
one of the must attend events 
that running enthusiasts look 
forward to each year.

Indeed, this year’s IJM Land’s 
annual event - 
the IJM Land Half Marathon 2018
is scheduled to be held on 
12 August 2018 (Sunday)
starting as early as 6am to 11am, 
which also targetting 
9000 runners globally!

Me, at the press conference of this event

Yet all of you must know 
that this event is not being 
just as such a platform for runners, 
but also to create and preserves the 
community bond among people 
as well as with nature, 
bringing everyone from 
the elders nor youngsters, 
friends and family, 
altogether enjoying such a healthy sport, 
as reflected in their tagline :
Run Together, Bond Stronger’. 

As one of the ten local developers 
that been honoured with the 
‘All Star Award of Top Ranked 
Developers of The Year’ recently,
I do think that their motivating 
tagline does speaks 
for themselves somehow right.

Run For A Good Cause :

Not to forget that as same 
as previous years, 
the funds that raised from 
this event will be channelled 
towards two charities - 
the Pertubuhan Hospice 
Negeri Sembilan (Hospice) 
and also the Malaysia Lysosomal 
Diseases Association (MLDA) , 
as they (IJM Land) recognises 
the crucial roles of each of these 
organisations play in order to 
improving the quality of life 
for the less fortunate 
community members. 

Bloggers, at the Press Conference

Category :

This year’s IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 
offers categories of 21km (Half Marathon) 
and 12km respectively for men and women 
age 18 years and above 
as well as boys and girls junior 
age 13 years and above. 

There are also a new category 
will be introduce - 
the 5km for individuals 
18 years and above 
for those who wants 
to be part of the fun.

This race will be start and finish 
at Dataran Centrio, Seremban 2 
(Opposite Mydin Seremban 2).
Those who aren’t familiar, 
you can just waze 
Dataran Centrio, Seremban 2.

Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad with the two of First participant of 21km Women & Men Veteran Category for this year : 
Mr Ong Kim Hwa (Oldest runner of 2017, age 84 this year guys!) 
and Ms Chrisy Wong (runner of 2017 as well)

Prizes :

The fastest man and woman of the race 
will be announce as well, 
whom each will be in the running to receive 
the grand and unique IJM Land 
Half Marathon Challenge Trophy - 
with the objective of celebrating 
the runner’s greatest running moments. 

Not to mention that all runners whom 
have completed the race regardless of their 
category will also be taking home goodie bags, 
along with a custom made Finisher Medal 
and certificate as well. 
You can see the picture below for a 
complete order of categories and it’s prizes.

There are also an opportunity to win such 
attractive lucky draw prizes as well!
In addition, runners whom completed the 21km 
race will also be entitled to a custom made 
Ultron Micro-dry Finisher Tee. 
See this picture below :-


The registration for this 
IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 
is already open starting from 
30 March 2018 until 31 May 2018 
or when the registration slots are full, 
whichever is earlier. 
Good News! 
You can enjoy the Early Bird registration fee 
if you register before 1 May 2018!

For Online Registration :- 

kindly visit their website

While for Offline Registration :-

Go to IJM Land (Seremban) Office 
from Monday to Saturday, 
9am to 5pm.
Contact Number : 06-7613888

You can refer to this table 
in the picture below 
for each race categories 
and it’s entry fee :

Supporters :

This IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 is also 
supported by Platinum Sponsor Ionman Group, 
Gold Sponsor TDK, official vehicle 
BMW Millenium Welt Seremban, 
official drinks 100 Plus and Ice Mountain, 
official apparel Ultron, 
media partners Sin Chew Daily 
and The China Press, 
medical partner Colombia Asia 
Hospital Seremban, event and technical 
partner EC Pixels and 
other partners McDonald’s, Yakult, 
SVC, Spoon Health, 2XU, Rock Tape, 
Nestle Milo, Nestle Fitnesse 
and Mydin Seremban 2. 

Befrienders Seremban will also be opening 
a booth on that race day as part of their 
awareness programme and to provide 
support on the race day as well. 

Well, it’s all interesting and if you’re 
such a marathon lovers, 
or looking forward to try this year, 
or thinking of challenging yourselves, 
I do recommend you to register 
as early as you can. 

I wish you guys all the best!
Don’t forget to lock your date 
on that 12 August 2018 
and have fun!

Thank you for reading 
and have a great weekend 
ahead guys! 😊

That One Moment of Motherhood

That moment when you’re having a bad headache, 
yet busy putting on your hijab in order to 
fetch your daughter from school, 
there’s this little man whom 
pushing his way in front of you, 
before the makeup table, moving along his tiny hands 
around all the things there. 

He’s so fast you couldn’t catch his hands in time. 
Now you’re just staring at an opened and rattled, 
of your lipstick’s mini drawer, 
and as your eyes moving forward, 
there’s a bottle of one of your foundation, 
without it’s cap on, at the edge of the table. 
So, automatically you turn around at the little man 
which is now standing still by the door of your room.

He’s just quickly vanished himself 
from the room as your eyes met. 
With that bad headache, 
of course you’re not smiling at that time.

Felt a bit mad and since the headache is 
really killing you, so, 
you just rushed to the front door 
and started the engine, 
decided to just left him playing with his toys, 
with his dad there to look after him. 

As you reverse the car, you can see him looking at you 
by the grill, with such sad face, and then 
bursting to tears a bit before he went back inside. 
Ahh your heart’s a bit unsettled, 
hence, you stop the car and go to that front door. 

So there he is, sitting there in front of his toys 
with his back in front of you, 
and with his head down, 
it’s like he knew, 
he don’t get to follow you because 
of what he did earlier. 
His dad then make him apologised to you, 
then you just carry him with you to the car, 
together, fetching his sister.

How can you stay mad, 
while looking at his cute little back 
and round head, and his face, his eyes, 
his smells, ahh you just melt! 

And of course, 
it’s kinda funny when he just ran out 
of the room that moment earlier. 
TBH, he always did that, 
but, it’s still always funny and cute 
at the end though. 
Ahh you’ll always make ones smile, little man. 

iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Plus : Which One Win Your Heart?

Between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, 
to be honest, I’ll be fine with iPhone 8 Plus, 
since I think I don’t really need those 
animoji - I know it seems fun, 
but seriously, 
who am I gonna use it with?! haha.

I’m not into messaging much except for 
business purposes or so - usually formal things, 
so it’s not that appropriate 
to use this feature 
for that kinda circle right? Haha. 
In addition, there’s no one in my 
texting/chatting group even my family, 
that use this feature as well.

I know we can somehow 
use this feature in other iPhone or else 
but it takes this and that steps 
in order to do so that me and my circle 
literally don’t have time for, 
so, I guess it’ll be just fine if my phone 
doesn’t have this animoji, you know, 
it doesn’t affect me that much. 
But of course, if somehow Apple Malaysia
or anyone give me an iPhone X as my 
birthday present, how can I resist? Hehee.

So, okayy, between these two phone, 
I must say that their other specs 
are pretty much the same, 
except with such big gap 
in their pricing hehe. 
Yet to be honest I do love both! 

FYI, both have the same chip, 
the same coprocessor, 
the same splash+water+dust resistant, 
the same video recording, audio, 
well, pretty much the same 
camera details as well. 

There are just minor differences, for example, 
iPhone X includes Portrait Mode and 
Portrait Lighting in both rear and back camera 
while iPhone 8 Plus only feature those 
in it’s back camera. 

iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus

In addition, both have the same 
12MP with wide angle and telephoto 
cameras although the iPhone X have 
5.8” Super Retina HD Display 
while the iPhone 8 Plus is 
5.5” Retina HD Display. 

Then like in Video Playback, both have 
all the same details which includes 
both supports the Dolby Vision 
and HDR10 content, 
except that iPhone X support 
High Dynamic Range with it. 
So yeah that’s the kind of minor 
differences between both series. 

Well, as an iPhone user, 
you’re pretty much used to with these 
minor differences in each series right. 
It’s expected and kinda the usual, 
even for any other phone brand as well. 
As you can see below, I attached 
a comparison table credit to google sources 
below, definitely easier for us to compare a bit.

So my point is, just ask yourself which is 
way worth it to you and your budget. 
Which is much more useful in every way 
according to your need (read : especially works) 
and your lifestyle. 

When I’m about to buy a new phone, 
as a blogger - I need ones that can 
run smoothly, heavenly. 
It’s important because my works, what I do,
all those does acquire me to update here and there promptly and tremendously. 

Then the storage - I need huge storage, 
without affecting the phone’s performance 
even when it’s full or almost full. 
Yet of course, if you keep on hitting 
the almost full, you might should just 
start checking out those with larger 
storage you know haha. 
That’s absolutely me, guilty as charged 
with this 64gb. I know I can upgrade 
my iCloud storage but still, I just love 
ones with the largest storage now.
I should had bought the largest 
storage that’s available before though.
Well, how should I know that at 
that time around huhu.

Next, the camera, I need the best feature 
that I can for both photography and videos, 
since I need to capture great photos 
and making a great video from time to time 
either for my review work or updating things, 
since as a blogger that area 
are important too you know, 
you need to show and give your best hehe. 

As for me, I found all of that in iPhone, 
and been using iPhone / IOS for years now, 
never think of switching back to android 
since IOS really satisfying me. 

Currently using 6s, but thinking 
of trying the 8 Plus hehe. 
Not that there’s any problem with my 6s, 
but looking at these latest and better specs 
make me feels like want to try, 
since it seems like it’s gonna be 
greater match with my works and needs. 

Since March is my birthday month, hence, 
here I am, still deciding upon 
should I be getting the 8 plus for my 
birthday as self treat.

While others get this and that, me, 
thinking of buying this as a 
birthday present for myself, 
because I really think it’s gonna worth it to me, 
and I literally deserves it, after years, you know,. 
Girls gotta need their fancy birthday 
treat too sometimes haha!

Some people said that it’ll be 
such a waste, or said that I don’t need it, 
or said that my phone isn’t damage 
so just stick to it forever lah, or,
well, everything around that area. 
A little bit of unsupportive it may seem, 
but yeah I get it upon what they’re trying to say.

Yeah no it’s okay, because they’re not 
into gadget at all, so, 
how can they understand, right? 
you know, as we see things differently.
Wayyyy different, literally.

Well, dear readers, 
especially those whom a 
gadget lover like me out there, 
if you happen to read this, 
what do you think? 
Just grab the 8 plus or just stay 
with the 6s till I die? 
Till I die?! - haha kiddinggg. 

ahh can you see the differences? 
great improvement and of course, the latest is better

Oh and since some of you asks, 
the secondhand stock for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 
at the IG store @thecubbyrehab 
are still out of stock yea for now,
and those whom asking for 
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X in MY Set, 
you guys can get such cheapest price 
there too for the new set! 
Feel free to check them out at Instagram : 
yea or just whatsapp directly 0162531170 😘

Okayy, that’s all that I can pour out 
of my brain and heart right now. Hehe.
May somehow at some part 
it’ll be beneficial to you guys too yeah. 
Till then, wishing you guys 
a great weekend ahead! 
Thanks for reading lovelies! ❤️

Healthy and Kids Loving It Kinda Overnight Oats

Salam & Hello lovelies!

Fresh & Organic for all! 

Indeed my kids totally loves this 
overnight oats version yayyyy and yesss 
it's good for breakfast or supper or anytime snack! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Actually, I’ve been doing this for a long time now 
but just had the urge to share it here hehe.

I usually do it when we had some extra fruits,
or sometimes, I intendly bought and completed
the ingredients needed in order to just 
making this Overnight Oats for us. 

My trick is easy peasy :- 

I've switch from the usual 
- fresh milk + organic greek yogurt 
+ organic honey - 
to fresh milk with 100% dates extract - no sugar (my favourite choice is from farm fresh) 
to soak the organic rolled oats.

Then, continue with the usual fresh fruits 
(this time i use strawberries and sweet mango), 
and other preferences such as 
chia seed, pumpkin seed, almond, and walnut 
(just grab those organic mixed from signaturesnack or you can change 
based on what you desired). 

No yogurt since I'm out of it but it's fine πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
and I don't add any organic honey/sugar 
as it's already tastes great 
and the sweet-ish is just nice 
to me and my kids, 
thanks to the dates milk heheee πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜ 

I must admit that this snack is not just healthy,
but for me, it’s capable of making me full 
for a quite some time for the day.  
Since I’m not really a big fan of 
rice type of meal, 
so, this is good, hehe. 

It’s also a greater choice for a 
in between meals kinda snack 
for my kids as well, and it doesn’t make them
lose appetite or whatnot.
It just makes them happy to eat haha!

So, yeah feel free to try them 
and happy overnight snacking!

Thanks for reading and have a great 
week ahead lovelies! ❤️

Homemade Organic Kicap In Just 3 Steps!

Salam and hello lovelies!
Okay today Qeela nak share with you guys 
my experience and my honest review on my first 
time buat my own, healthy version of kicap!

As you all know, those kicap biasa yang kita usually 
jumpa or beli di mall and all tu,
one of their ingredients must be containing MSG,
which, very bad for us let alone our children. 

If you guys still tak tahu keburukan MSG tu, 
insyaAllah nanti Qeela share, 
or you guys boleh scroll my FB sebab 
I selalu share info from several person 
yang lebih arif & dah lama
doing their research as well, 
ada Doctor, ada Nutritionist, etc.

Hence, since I memang dah lama follow 
those yang into these real healthy eating etc, 
I’ve found several option for substitute 
the commercial kicap kepada healthier version, yeaayyy!

Those healthier version adalah 
yang contains NO MSG,
FLAVOUR / PRESERVATIVE dan sebagainya, 
yes there are no harmful ingredients
so it’s totally Toyyiban okay.

So, as for this one with just 3 steps, alhamdulillah
actually dah quite some time juga I nak try,
then finally ada rezeki untuk try. 
It’s actually a premix product, by OvenNini. 

FYI, OvenNini ni dah few years beroperasi dengan mengeluarkan pelbagai jenis healthy, organic premix dari pelbagai pilihan lauk, 
cake / tepung untuk meatball, sausages, etc, 
and not to forget, the drinks.

Semuanya adalah bagi memudahkan 
mereka yang either selalu nak cepat but 
still opt for healthy, homemade meals
for their family or those yang susah nak jumpa complete bahan-bahan masakan yang contain non-harmful ingredients.

Even yang baru berjinak untuk menukar gaya pemakanan pun boleh cuba rangkaian premix dari OvenNini ni sebab
memang sangat memudahkan kita!
So, here’s my first kicap premix! 

Totally easy peasy nak buat guys!
You guys just need to prepare the 
chicken broth - luckily for me,
I memang selalu buat and this time ada save
air rebusan ayam yang plain tu (no salt etc tau)
to be cook with this premix in order untuk buat your own kicap. 

As you can see, the ingredients for this kicap premix are just rempah ratus, whole cane sugar, tepung ubi kayu, dan garam Himalaya.

Yes basically, you just need this kicap premix by OvenNini, and 750ml air rebusan tersebut.
All you need to do is just cook these two dengan api yang kecil sehingga adunan tersebut menjadi sedikit pekat, around 30 minutes.
Then siap dah healthy kicap homemade kita!
Haa super senang je kan nak buat! 

Dari segi rasa dan texture, ianya almost sama dengan kicap commercial biasa tu 
yet as for me, it’s a bit sweeter on
my first try but that’s fine as kita boleh perbetulkan apa yang patut tu kan ikot tekak masing-masing hehe.

Overall, I’m totally puas hati dan 
happy sangat dapat buat kicap ni,
yet most importantly, dengan senang hatinya 
dan tanpa rasa bersalahnya 
I dapat cook and let my children makan 
dengan kicap ni hehee! 
Dah siap je buat kicap ni, next day I excitedly try masak mee hun goreng dengan this kicap instead, and you know what, 
it turns out great too!

Rasa sedap je tak pelik langsung and 
they all like it too,
I even think they didn’t notice pun I guna this healthy homemade kicap
instead of the regular commercial one haha!

You guys can take a look at these pictures below for my results yea :

Then next ada lagi I cook with this kicap, 
like buat ayam masak chinese style, 
turns out great too! 
So yummy and they loves it too! 
Nothing beats that happiness when I cook using great, healthy stuff and they all loves it too 😊

So, thank you OvenNini and thanks guys 
for stopping by here too. 
Moga what I share from my experience ni 
sedikit sebanyak memberi manfaat 
pada semua yea insyaAllah. 
Stay healthy and have a great weekend 
ahead lovelies! 
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